04 / 10 / 2015

Cosmety releases new, large palettes for colour cosmetics

A market leader in standard and custom items for the cosmetic sector, Asian firm Cosmety has expanded its compact offering by releasing a number of large make up palettes. The new full sized containers were ostensibly designed to be used by professional make up artists, but have also encountered quite a positive response from firms wishing to offer consumers a full home solution with all their favourite shades in one place.

Each of the new items offers a number of godet slots that can easily be incorporated into an existing filling line with minimal recalibration. The P100 model, for example, is a professional and elegant item that is rectangular in shape with 12 slots for a number of eye shadows, blushes, or a specific colour palette with a number of items for the full face.

The RQ115, on the other hand, offers a more consumer-oriented round format, with 5 deep slots and 1 shallow one in the centre, perfect for a full range of products in complementary shades.

All of Cosmety's compacts open easily and close securely, minimizing mishaps when in transit, whether in a professional make up kit, a gym bag, or a purse.