08 / 10 / 2015

Lip balm tubes, in a convenient small format

One thing that consumers are spending more and more of their money on is travel. As the world gets smaller and nowhere seems out of reach to tourists and globetrotters, small format packaging is becoming more and more popular. Consumers can take their favourite products with them in order to feel more comfortable wherever they go, so it's important to keep products small and light. Cosmety's new lip balm tube sizes are perfect for travellers and busy urbanites alike.

Cosmety's latest item, HS3370, is a great example of a small format lip balm tube that offers all the benefits of a larger tube in a reduced size. The dispensing system is fluid and precise, providing users with an excellent experience. The lip balm tubes are easily incorporated into existing filling lines with little or no heavy recalibration, and the bodies are made of resistant, durable plastic that can withstand the battering that travel can deliver.

Similarly, Cosmety's HS2138 is a small format lip balm tube that is a bit squatter than its slightly slimmer cousin. Designed to offer excellent coverage with a wider, fuller spread.

Even though the containers are most often associated with lip balms, Cosmety's latest items are also at home containing a variety of other cosmetic or personal care products. When combined with the firm's decoration options, companies are sure to find just the right option for their products.