22 / 11 / 2015

Luxury lipstick items released by Cosmety

Cosmety, one of Asia's leading providers of standard cosmetic components, has released several new upscale models of lipstick containers, designed to be used with luxury and masstige cosmetics. The new models offer gorgeous shapes and elegant styles that are at home in just about any cosmetic brand collection.

Cosmety's LS7524 is an excellent example. The bullet-shaped lipstick tube is targeted toward brand lines at the forefront of fashion and style. Made of durable, highly shock resistant plastic, the tube features a metal band just below the central axis, which can be decorated in any number of metallic hues to match the main body of the pack.

Similarly, the LS7321 offers the same metal band, though its shape in more traditional. Whether you refer to it as a rounded-corner square, a super-ellipse, or a squircle, the tube fits nicely in the hand and has a good heft to it, giving the consumer the feeling that the product is well made and durable. Weight is a key issue with cosmetic packaging. If it's too light, the consumer feels the product is cheap and lacking in value. If it's too heavy, it becomes unwieldy and the consumer doesn't want to use it. Cosmety does an excellent job of hitting the sweet spot with regard to weight.

With hundreds of lipstick shapes and styles available, combined with Cosmety's decoration options, companies are sure to find a solution that meets their needs.