R&D Department

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of Cosmety's R&D department. Over the years, Cosmety has developed a myriad of cosmetic components and taken hundreds of products from the initial design phase all the way through to looking great on a store shelf.

To provide maximum benefit to our customers, we use a full complement of testing equipment prior to and during the creation process. In this fashion, we can take each customer's sample or drawing and analyze the best strategy, design, plan, and finally manufacture the most efficient and precise mold structure. Our R&D department not only possesses solid research capabilities, but also communicates clearly with customers on market positioning and design baselines right from the start. By researching, testing, and innovating continuously, we ensure that each design meets the needs of their customers as well as adds value to their goods.

  • Sales Department

    Cosmety sales staff are trained to act as product ambassadors, ensuring customers find the entire buying process efficient and painless. They also offer excellent post-sale support for both domestic and international customers, communicating regularly over the phone or via e-mail. Whenever a client has a question directly related to the service they have received, matters are addressed as quickly as possible in order to ensure an excellent customer experience.

  • Mould Production Department

    Because we have our own in-house tooling department, comprised of knowledgeable staff, we can create moulds and tools economically that are under our direct control, thus ensuring reliable lead times. The mould design and production team is led by trained staff members with combined industry experience amounting to over 30 years. They are aided in their work by the latest equipment, including high speed CNC and computerized CAD/CAM systems. For fine surface finishing such as polishing, grinding, painting, plating, printing and laser engraving, Cosmety's techniques are among the best and most meticulous in the industry.

  • Injection Moulding Department

    We run 22 primary production machines that utilize cutting edge, highly advanced robotics. Our moulding department maintains a 24-hour automated assembly process, keeping a consistent pace in order to meet our customers timelines. All our in-process controls, including those made in the production area by personnel, are performed according to methods approved by Cosmety's Quality Control technicians. All of the results of quality control checks are logged for reference.

  • Decoration Department

    Currently, we run 10 individual printing machines. This gives us a high level of production efficiency with regard to the customization of packaging components. Customers creating bespoke solutions can avail themselves of the number of different decoration options to enhance their custom design. Customers opting for standard packaging items can use decoration techniques to make their packaging genuinely unique, including hot-stamping, silk screen printing, and many others.

  • Assembly Department

    Our dedicated and technically proficient team of engineers and technicians use contemporary equipment and highly automated machines to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our assembly department utilizes fully tested sub-assemblies and our finished products then undergo extensive testing prior to being packaged and shipped.

  • Quality Control Department

    We believe that our Quality Control department is one of the most vital parts of the manufacturing process. Cosmety has top of the line facilities, trained personnel, and approved procedures for sampling, inspecting and testing starting materials, packaging materials, intermediates, bulk, and finished products. Equipment that we use: 1.Microcomputer testing machine - Tests compacts' tensile strength, elongation, tearing, adhesion, stress-strain, peeling, shearing, etc. 2.Drop testing equipment - Checks damage incurred by compacts, jars, and other items using a free fall drop test. 3.Extreme temperature testing machine - We test both peak high and low temperatures, as well as test the effects of constant temperatures. 4.Colour testing machine - By combining many different light sources, we can focus on the specific colours of packaging items to ensure they are consistent throughout a run.

    • The first step is always to gather information and ensure all client requirement are understood.

    • Ideas are considered and the best solution becomes an innovative concept ready to be produced.

    • A representative piece of packaging is produced to make the design come to life.

    • Moulds are rolled out onto production lines and the packaging is made ready to accept the product.

The Design Team

Our designers and engineers utilize the very latest software and hardware on the market in order to start the creative process. By focusing on a high level of service right from the start, we ensure that deadlines are met and that costs remain within budget. All newly developed molds are reviewed by our mold testing team and QC department to verify that each new mold meets our highly stringent quality standards.

The Prototyping Team

When creating a prototype, we take care to approach the development a product with the needs and requirements of our clients as the top priority. We often deduct the tolerance cost for customers. From our experience, tolerance can be controlled within ±0.05mm. It is high-speed molding and is not limited to complexity and structure, which is a big difference compared to CNC machining. At the same time, this technology clearly and quickly confirms any sort of modification or change.